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Brainport Smart City Mission to Barcelona

Mayor of Eindhoven and Brainport Chairman John Jorritsma headed a Brainport Eindhoven delegation of tech startups, companies and public officials on a Smart City mission to Barcelona from 14 to 16 November 2017. Their goal is to find business for their key Smart City initiatives and to forge and foster Smart City partnerships with leading cities from around the globe. 

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Blog 4 Smart Cities conference New York

Smart redesigning of education for the future

On the last day of the conference the morning programme was all about stimulating entrepreneurship and accelerating startups.

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Blog 3 Smart Cities conference New York

Disruptive impact of smart mobility on the way cities work and look

The Smart Cities conference on Thursday started off with sessions on mobility. Experts of AMTRAK, TransLink and Vancouver explained the major shift that will take place in city planning due to new ways of transport and distribution.

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Blog 2 Smart Cities conference New York

A sunny start of the conference on the boat from Manhattan to Brooklyn 

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Blog 1 Smart Cities conference New York

Kick off of the Smart Cities NYC 2017 conference 

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A date with Schaeffler - Anne Verhaag

On Valentine’s day February 14th, something beautiful happened in the Brainport Eindhoven region. A selected, high level delegation of the German based company Schaeffler came to visit. In 2016 we already made a good impression on Schaeffler at our ‘’first date’’. Then, during the Royal Couple’s mission to Bavaria, Brainport was introduced in a meeting with the Board.  Schaeffler decided that they would themselves take a look at what Brainport has to offer in terms of technologies, business, innovation capacities and collaboration opportunities. Their purpose: look for potential new partners for innovation and business collaboration within the framework of their new strategy  Mobility for Tomorrow.

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'I'm strongly recommending everybody to apply for the Young Brainport Summer School'

Around this time last year, I was busy applying for the Young Brainport Summer School 2016. This week aims at preparing talented students with a strong interest in physics and technological developments- aging from 16 to 18 years old - for a study in technology and a future in the Brainport-region. After nervously waiting for a few months after I applied, I finally heard that I got in!

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Am I ready to start my own company?

In our last blog, we talked about different ways of raising money to start your own business. Of course that is important, but you first need to know what it takes to start a company or to take over an existing company?

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